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Speech Evaluation, Therapy, and IEPs

ASHA Member Since 2006

Georgia, Florida, and California Licensed and Insured

Trusted therapy practices displayed in multiple states. 

Experience in hospital, rehabilitation and school settings.

FSST Brunswick GA Everyone Deserves a Fresh Start

Providing supportive therapy practices to our clients and their families who are in need of a Fresh Start since 2012.

Private Therapy

Private therapy provides an opportunity for one on one therapy that a client may need to accelerate their development.

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Services Provided

At Fresh Start, we service our clients for their development while also ensuring advocacy is provided for them as well. 

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Speech Therapy Evaluation Services

We approach each evaluation with a fresh outlook and strategy to improve the client’s performance and confidence. Utilizing the best industry practices along with the client’s history. This will provide our client with a  thorough evaluation which is critical in regards to recovery and support. Make an appointment, by clicking the link.

School Based Speech Therapy Services

We have school based services that produce positive results in oral communication development from pediatric thru adolescent age groups. We have experience in charter schools, small, and large school districts. Email us for more information.

TeleTherapy Services

Our teletherapy speech services provide our clients the comfort and flexibility of our therapist servicing their clients no matter where they are with virtual therapy. We have some of the most convenient support systems in place for teletherapy speech services in our industry. Book an appointment today to be virtually seen!

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IEP School Based Consulting

Do you need expert advisement? Contact us by email for a consultation in regards to your child’s learning assistance programs and services. An independent consultation has many benefits when approaching the help you need to support your child or loved one.

Getting Started

Our professionalism and highest regard for our clients well being is what sets us apart. We strive to exceed our customers expectations with every session.

Securing our clients information is one of the most important functions we take pride in at Fresh Start. Utilizing HIPAA policy and procedures keeps our clients safe from knowing their information is held to the highest privacy standard. We have ongoing training in regards to HIPAA compliance to ensure we are up to date and operating with current policies.

At Fresh Start, our goals will be aligned with your goals as you strive to help and protect your loved one’s progress. We know these can difficult times, so time is precious and efficiency is important. Trust that we will provide only the best strategy for development our clients, please see below our practice goals.

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